office relocation + installation coordination whether starting fresh, moving a couple of desks to the floor above, or the entire organization across town, nulook® is ready with a professional team of CSST + ASP carded installation technicians

  • project planning :pre-move, move & post-move
  • site supervision during furniture installation + documentation of deficiencies (as required)
  • professional labor packing & unpacking service
  • detailed installation drawings
  • national and international shipping
  • removal of all packing materials
  • re-installation of furniture
  • clean-sweep post move (as requested)
  • required packing materials + equipment
  • short term and long term furniture storage

planning + design consultation services nulook® office solutions prides itself on bringing quality to your work environment. With full time design consultants on staff, we have the qualified employees to help guide your projects from the early planning stages right thru until completion

  • initial meeting with the client to discuss target image and type of environment
  • site dimensions and photos
  • subsequent site meetings to refine requirements and proposal
  • preliminary pricing proposal with CAD drawings based on initial meeting
  • furniture and space planning to establish flow and function of the space
  • development and adjustments to proposal: limited to 1 complete revision
  • 2D and 3D line drawings and color renderings to further establish design direction
  • fabric and finish sample recommendations
  • custom + made to order pieces
  • when the project has more than furniture requirements nulook® offers additional design consulting services

inventory management furniture is a major investment for any company. Workplace statistics show that at least 30% of it is in storage at any given time. To get your money’s worth you need to know what you have, where it is and what shape it is in: keeping track has never been easier!

  • detailed documentation for single or multi-phased reconfigurations
  • assessment of damages + suitability for repair or re-use.

furniture and equipment rentals the same high quality + dependable office furniture offered through nulook® office rejuvenation is available for both short term + long term rental:

  • in the meantime until new furniture purchases arrive for installation
  • temporary or pop-up office
  • corporate events
  • television + movie sets
  • short term and long term rental agreement options

refurbishing of experienced office furniture:

  • chairs: cleaning, adjustment, refinishing + reupholstering
  • metal storage: repainting, touch-ups, mechanism repair + leveling
  • desks: (wood, metal and laminate) stain removal, color matching for scratches, replacement of edge banding, repair + replacement of locks
  • partitions: deep, wet cleaning w/ disinfecting solution, reupholstering and modifications

leasing In collaboration with National Leasing, nulook® offers the option to lease – to – own the proposed furniture. With the option to select buy-back option and lease duration, it is a interesting choice for many clients. Here are some of the additional benefits of leasing:

  • conserve working capital Leasing allows a company to conserve its working capital, allowing it to allocate cash funds for other purposes such as growing the business. Sales tax and other taxes are not paid up front at the time the equipment is acquired through lease financing. They are remitted with the monthly payments over the term of the lease.
  • budget allocation Lease terms, payment streams and options can be individually tailored to meet the needs of your client’s budget restrictions. Skip leases, Step up leases and Step down leases are available to match a business’ seasonal or anticipated cash flows.
  • hedge against inflation When leasing equipment, your lease payment is fixed throughout the term of the leasing contract. This allows you not to worry about rate fluctuations since your payment cannot be increased. It also allows for easy cash flow projections and takes the worry away from an inflationary economy.
  • preserve lines of credit Why use your existing line of credit for equipment purchases when, in today’s economy, research and development are the turning point of a company’s success? Use your lines of credit to stay in the mainstream of industry and allow leasing to be your purchasing tool for both fixed and tangible assets.
  • establish credit Establishing one’s credit is an important asset in today’s business world. Allow leasing to be a reference tool for your commercial credit inquiries. As your leasing contracts are reimbursed, your credit horizons become increased thus expanding your borrowing potential.
  • seasonal fluctuations Some industries are seasonal by nature, and structuring a lease can be quite beneficial. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual as well as annual lease payments are offered to commercial entities who might require such for cash flow requirements.
  • tax deductible Lease payments are generally tax deductible in most industries. While buyback options play a part in this particular benefit, please note that your accountant will be able to confirm such possibilities.